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On we have implemented RSS feeds. These provide a way for you to keep updated automatically about the latest news, reviews, previews, articles and charts on the website. Instead of you having to visit the site to find out these, you can use Firefox's Live Bookmarks (or an RSS extension like Sage), another RSS-enabled browser (such as Opera), or an RSS reader (see a list on dmoz) to get the latest info.

For more information on Live Bookmarks in Firefox, see Konqueror users can use the "RSS" icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the browser window. Opera users can also use the "RSS" icon in the address bar to subscribe to the feeds.

If you're using another browser, and wish to add the feeds to your RSS-enabled news reader, use these links: "MegaFeed" (Reviews, Previews, Articles and Cheats), News, Charts, and Blog.

In addition to the feeds above, we have individual feeds for Reviews, Previews, and Articles.

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