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Deus Ex review

Its pretty rare that there is a common opinion on Game Of The Year, but 2 years ago, PC gamers were united in the about one thing: Deus Ex was the best game released in 2000. Now PS2 owners can see why. There has been nothing attempted like it on console until now, and its been done really well.

So what's so great about a 2 year old PC game? I hear you ask? Well, Deus Ex is a great combination of FPS with a really good RPG system, all wrapped around a cool story full of conspiracy, disease, shadow governments, Triads, and more.

You get to slip on the sleek, stylish black shades of J.C. Denton (all very Matrix looking), who is the main character and a cybernetic operative for a mysterious government agency known as UNATCO.

The story goes that, a few years into our future, a global plague has broken out, and only a few powerful organisations can control the availability of the vital antidote. J.C is ordered to take out the terrorists who attempt to hijack the distribution of the vaccine, but he soon discovers layer after layer of conspiracy & deceit.

The story itself is really only half the fun though! What's so great about Deus Ex is the ability to play the game out however you want. Because J.C has cybernetic enhancements, he has several different abilities that can be enhanced by four levels of ability. So it's possible to, for example, focus on speed & stealth giving yourself the ability to see through walls & use a Sniper Rifle with pinpoint accuracy.

Or, if you don'tcare for the silent approach, you can master strength or melee weapons and "slice & dice" your way through the competition. Master demolitions & destroy everything in your wake, or possibly finish the whole game without so even as hurting the hair on an opponents head!

Just about every problem in the game has multiple solutions. Having trouble with a locked door? You can try hacking the computer system, picking the lock, or blowing through it with a grenade. What about getting past guards? How about shooting them, or a pile of explosive barrels they're standing beside? Or hackers could even take over the security system & order the automated turrets to shoot the guards. No other game has attempted, and achieved, the sort of gameplay flexibility that Deus Ex offers.

While Deus Ex is a good game, it's also tainted by some technical glitches. For a start, it is based on the now ancient Unreal Tournament engine, which just simply doesn't look that hot anymore. Some of the graphics are downright ugly in places & make Jade from Big Brother 3 look attractive!! And the dodgy AI from the PC version is present here too, with some guards acting just as dumb as the aforementioned Jade!

Nonetheless, these are the only weaknesses in an otherwise well presented, polished & accomplished title. From the terrorist attack on the Statue Of Liberty to the 3 different possible endings, Deus Ex is a fun and absorbing adventure the likes of which we definately need more of on PS2.


Graphics Not exactly the prettiest, but not the worst either, although what do you expect from an engine as dated as Unreal's? 7/10
Gameplay Excellent! Never been attempted on a console before and I can't see it being topped for some time for sheer brilliance of execution! Very innovative for a console game. 10/10
Value At the time of writing, we did not have a value for money ranking. 0/10
Lifespan Should last some time, what with the 3 possible endings & the different ways you can build up J.C's nano abilities. And the different ways to overcome various problems. 9/10
Audio Pretty good, very dark "rocky" type theme music, good spot effects & clear speech. It even lets speech trailaway if you turn your back or walk away from someone who's addressing you in conversation. 8/10
Overall Although the graphics are outdated and the AI needs to be polished somewhat, Deus Ex is still a cracking shooter/RPG. 8/10

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