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Dancing Stage Megamix review

Ok, this game is really a game for roughly 12+. With a great selection of music from Kylie Minogue to Elvis, it is sure to satisfy anyone's taste of music.

The game can be played with either the Joypad or Dance Mat, personally the Dance Mat has more advantages from being able to do the moves easier than to getting down and boogeying.

If you are not experienced on the Dance Mat, fear not, Dancing Stage Megamix has an 8 Stage Lesson Mode, to teach you how to properly move those feet.

Dancing Stage Megamix has an amazing workout mode, where you need not go down to the gym anymore to burn those calories, but dance in the comfort of your own home, to a range of wicked music. The Workout Mode also has the advantage where you can enter in your very own personal details i.e. sex, weight, height. After each workout, check out how many of those calories you have burned, and I must admit I am not half the woman I once was!!

Okay, getting to the best part and most enjoyable of the game, Game Mode. This to where you get down and dirty to any music that takes your fancy. The game play in Dancing Stage Megamix can last anything from 90mins to 2hours, with a range of fancy footwork to be carried out, you'll never bore of this game and will be eager to get back boogeying.

One disadvantage to this game is that its not really a gamed aimed at kids, it can be rather confusing at times with foot to eye co-ordination. I would suggest a 12yr old being the youngest to play this.

The other disadvantage is using the Joypad instead of Dance Mat, the only reason being that some moves can be fast and dependant on chosen tune, and confusing if using Joypad.

Dancing Stage Megamix summed up in three words are: fun, lasting and happy.

Reviewed by Elaine Campbell.


Graphics Although the graphics are good and very colourful, some may say that they are also sketchy at parts, but all in all rather good graphics and very colourful. 8/10
Gameplay With all the different Modes within the game there are numerous hours of gameplay in this game 8/10
Value At the time of writing, we did not have a value for money ranking. 0/10
Lifespan This game can last quite a while, if you play all the different modes, also a game that will never bore you. 9/10
Audio From songs from artists like S Club Juniors to Elvis Presley, there is certainly music to suit all tastes. There is also a Karaoke part in the game that dependant on the tune you choose, you get words along the bottom of the screen to sing along to. 9/10
Overall I recommend this game to everyone who loves dancing. A very good game from Konami. 8/10

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