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The Moment of Silence review

The Moment of Silence is a game of the Adventure variety and because of this I wouldn't just allocate the weekend to complete it, it will take a lot longer! I am sure that if you watched the new Battlestar Galactica series on Sky One you would have spotted this game being advertised.

This style of game is hard to come by so The Moment of Silence almost has the market to itself. The only game I have played recently that is anything similar to this is probably the CSI game, however there are some obvious, big, differences.

I did secretly laugh to myself when I noticed that the game was on a DVD-ROM, remembering how many years ago I played similar, bad quality, games on the Commodore Amiga, constantly swapping between the 12 floppy discs.

You start the game as Peter Wright, discovering your neighbour's door has been broken into your adventure begins. It immediately conjured up memories of playing similar style games on the Playstation, without a mouse it was very difficult but this time, as the game is for PC, I had a mouse! Even so, it was difficult at first to find the objects that I was looking for. The cursor does change when you go over a clickable object but it is sometimes difficult to find that object.

You do have to listen to what people have to say, and not being a patient person, I did miss information that would have been important to me later on in the game. I can honestly say, this is in no way a quick game to play and may take weeks to get through.

Both of these problems had some quick fixes however. Subtitle options allowed me to read what the person had to say, before they slowly got it off of their chest, and then skip the talking, and the time requirements are eased with the handy "hint" key, that displayed the location of important objects, speeding up the game.

The graphics are good. To be honest I expected them to be slightly better for a DVD-ROM but they are still better than most of the, mostly unsuccessful, adventure games of the past. The sound also had highs and lows. Digital Jesters say that the game has more than 35 speaking 3D characters, Eight hours of professional voice acting and lip synchronisation using phonetic voice analysis and this was indeed very good. However, the music seemed to lack somewhat, letting down the game slightly.

The "background" seemed very artificial. There were not really any random events occurring around you, and people who where not involved in the game did not move; they just stood there, facing another person but not talking to them. This made the game very quiet and boring when you had given up on finding an annoyingly small object in a big room as there was nothing else to do.

One slight problem I did find was that there were a number of little bugs here and there in the game, for instance, I chatted to Claire (a robot) in Downtown Manhattan but I never actually saw her until I went up the elevator and came back down, then she finally "appeared". Things like this do spoil a game and hopefully there should be a patch available to iron out most of these annoying little quirks.

Overall the game is very good and won me over even though I am not really a fan of this genre. The game could be improved however, and you will need a lot of patience to play it. Well done to House of Tales!


Graphics Not Bad, They could have improved them though; I would have gladly sacrificed some of the audio for better graphics. 6/10
Gameplay It can get tedious at times as progress can be slow. 6/10
Value Worth every penny, a good game. 8/10
Lifespan I wouldn't play it more than once but man is this game a long one 8/10
Audio They really went all out with the audio but sometimes there can be too much of something. 7/10
Overall Overall the game is very good and won me over even though I am not really a fan of this sort of Genre. The game could be improved however and you will need a lot of patience to play it. Well done to House of Tales! 7/10

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