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Halo: Combat Evolved review

The first time I heard about Halo: Combat Evolved for pc the first thing that sprang to mind was "I guess Microsoft have decided to release it on other platforms"; in fact, I had no idea of the new features in the game.

After playing the original Halo on the Xbox, I was keen to get my grubby mitts on the new improved PC version, mainly because I don't have access to System Link or XBConnect (for playing Halo online), but also because it seemed to include many of the features that we all moaned Halo didn't have!

Some of the features included new weapons and some new vehicles but the biggest upgrade has to be the new multiplayer maps. In fact, I believe the multiplayer seen was the whole reason it was published on PC as, rather disappointingly, the single player campaign is exactly the same as on the Xbox.

New vehicles and guns include the rocket warthog, for those of you who are not familiar with halo it is kind of like an open jeep with a rocket launcher bolted onto the back! Also on the multiplayer maps the hunters (big dudes with lots of armour and big guns) weapon of choice the Fuel Rod Gun and a new weapon, the flamethrower, make an appearance. All this makes the game worth buying even if you already have the Xbox version.

But that's not all, ever wanted to run a friend over with a banshee? Oh... just me then, well anyway, they have now been put onto the multiplayer maps (including my old favourite, blood gulch) giving you access to some new sniper positions.

The graphics on the game are great! Well by my standards anyway, they do lack that little edge that means some of the skins are a bit square and seem rushed but for what seems to be a mainly multiplayer game it has just enough to keep the quality up and the lag time down, depending on your connection!

Sound quality of good but not great, I noticed when playing the game that those audio taunts in multiplayer mode get annoying, "blue team has the flag" and "double kill" get annoying after while. Apart from that the quality of sound is good, they just need some more audio tracks.

The game is very heavy on storage space by mind standards as it consumes 1.2GB of your hard drive but I tend to get paranoid when my hard drive is half full so I may be a tad bit over cautious on that mark considering most games take up that amount of space nowadays.

Online cheating unfortunately has taken its toll on my opinion of this game, though it is VERY hard to actually cheat, it does happen, after checking out mod websites it appears than some of the less pleasant people out there use the facilities to do cool things like reskin your guns to do 110% less cool things like increase the amount of attacking it takes to kill them, I ask, why?

As a final note I must say this game is great, though the single player facilities are exactly the same as the Xbox version, it excels in its multiplayer capabilities and there seems to always be an abundance of servers available for you to play whatever sort of game you want, and if there isn't, you can just create one yourself!

Well, that's my two cents on Halo: Combat Evolved for pc, don't let that put you off, it's a great game, but I wouldn't bother buying it if you have a recycled computer and a 33.6kpbs, or even a 56kbps modem as it really does spoil the experience.


Graphics I think they are good but of late people have made me think differently 7/10
Gameplay Only the single player campaign really let this down 8/10
Value At the time of writing, we did not have a value for money ranking. 0/10
Lifespan With great multiplayer abilities this game will last until the next Halo game for PC 9/10
Audio Good sound quality but very little variation 6/10
Overall A good game but could do with being tidied up at the edges 7/10

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