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Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars review

Creature Conflicts is a new release from Cenega, and is described by them as a "3D Turn-based tactical/real-time arcade-action game in the Worms tradition". I would say they pretty much got it down to a tee, apart from the fact that it does have the not so favourable effect of making it sound like a spin-off from another title, but that is not the case and I feel the best way to describe this game to you would be to say, imagine a hybrid of Worms and Crash Bandicoot taking all the good bits from both!

The game is set in a distant galaxy, where four groups of what I can best describe as rather curious looking animals are fighting for supremacy, and collecting the four ancient gems, with primal powers, is the only way for them to be successful.

The four groups are "The Pack", "The Techies", "The Frets" and "The Mystery Comedians", who are only available once you have unlocked them. All of the groups have a variety characters that are available for you to play as, and each have their own set of weapons and traits that are unique to their faction; this allows the game to last that little bit longer than others.

I was particularly impressed with the sound quality in the game. Voice-overs, sound effects and music all blend well together and fit in with the cartoon feel of the game. Another point that is definitely worth noting is that the voice-overs have not been plugged wherever and whenever they can, meaning that they never cut into each other and just get plain annoying.

The controls for the game are similar to most of the FPS games around at the moment - WSAD for forward, backwards and strafe left and right, with the mouse for extra control, and I am very happy to see that they have not tried to re-invent the wheel; however at times they did feel a little stiff and jerky. The game also offers three camera angles throughout - third person, that allows you to see the - for the most part pleasing - graphics, first person, that makes targeting that little easier, and a sort of birds-eye map view.

Now, as I mentioned a little earlier the game has, for the most part, pleasing graphics; however I didn't really feel that they had anything on a level above other games. Despite that however, the game does have some nice bright and colourful graphical touches that give this game a unique feel and that said, I was happy with the 3D graphics and artwork overall.

Going back to the actual game play, the missions are played out on a variety of planets - the home worlds of the different factions - and you will not get bored of the in game environment for a while. This is also a good time to plug the game's "Terrain Generator"; this is something that appears to be very special in the developers hearts, as it has made it to the back of the case and it promises to make the experience last even longer. In brief, the idea of the Terrain Generator - from what I can gather - is to randomly create one-off maps for multiplayer games and skirmishes.

Overall, I am very happy with the game, and I hope that this game has every success it deserves. It is suitable for any age, well, any age that can play a computer game, but the cartoon graphics that make this game enjoyable for the little ones do not make this a "Spongebob Squarepants"-style no adults game; fun for all the family!


Graphics The graphics are good and I have no real issue with them. I just feel that perhaps they have sold the cartoon characters and quirky colours a little too high up the features list. 7/10
Gameplay The “Terrain Generator,” the four factions, the various planets and the multiplayer features of the game all make for a very enjoyable and varied gameplay. 9/10
Value Appeals to everyone and all age groups in my opinion and does everything it says on the tin, a bargain! 10/10
Lifespan With the Terrain Generator, Multiplayer and Skirmish features along with about 32 hours of campaign play this game will almost last for as long at it will take them to develop the sequel! 9/10
Audio With the Terrain Generator, Multiplayer and Skirmish features along with about 32 hours of campaign play this game will almost last for as long at it will take them to develop the sequel! 10/10
Overall I couldn’t put it down and I think that you will struggle to as well. The few little cons I could find all had there pros to go with them! 9/10

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