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Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King Official Guide review

As you may be aware, this is the first time we've reviewed a strategy guide. Of course, we've come across strategy guides in the past, and many people today will often consult online strategy guides on the likes of GameFAQs and IGN to help them on their way. However, despite being a fan of the online media, you still cannot beat a well-produced paper-based guide such as this, particularly for a role-playing game as vast and deep as Square Enix's Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King.

A different medium, of course, requires a different type of review. For a start, this review is happening because I am also simultaneously reviewing the game itself. The score may also seem a bit arbitrary, with nothing to compare it to, and indeed a lack of experience in scoring such guides on my own part. Most of the standard summaries don't really apply for this medium. And, of course, this review is aimed at a different audience than usual; normally we're writing to everyone to inform them of our opinion of a game, but here we're only giving our views to those who already have or are planning to get Dragon Quest: JotCK, thus we can safely assume you're already interested in the game.

Moving on to the guide itself, one of the most apparent points about it is that, like the game, it is colourful and vibrant, and ready to take you on an adventure. It is split up into six sections, with the first four providing a variety of background information. This includes how to play the game, each character's special abilities and spells, a detailed list of the items featured in the game, and inside knowledge on your opponents. All these sections will tell you where things are, what they can do, who can use them and/or what you can do to them.

After these four introductory sections comes the walkthrough itself. It will help guide you through the game without holding your hand too much. It offers clear, consistent information without revealing all; some of the biggest secrets are hidden away in a special section for looking at only when you are ready. This section in particular is what you will want to have by your side as you play. Each of the game's regions is well covered with a range of top-down maps, imagery, and useful lists making the guide both easy to use and pleasant on the eye. The main text itself is well-written, and shouldn't confuse anyone who reads it.

Once you're done with the main walkthrough the last section, as mentioned earlier, covers the game's secrets. You can refer to these as you go along, with page references throughout the guide. Thoughtfully the game's inner-most secrets are sealed up at the back of this section, and are recommended only to be opened upon completing the game for the first time.


Graphics N/A 0/10
Gameplay N/A 0/10
Value While there are free guides available online, none will come close matching up to the quality of this. 8/10
Lifespan N/A 0/10
Audio N/A 0/10
Overall Some people may equate a strategy guide to cheating, but in fact it allows you to get so much more out of the game. Those looking to skim through the game may not be interested in such a detailed guide, but for those who are truly interested in enjoying Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King would do well to pick this up. 8/10

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