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Sonic Rush Adventure review

The shock of seeing Sonic games on Nintendo systems has long gone by now. Sonic Rush Adventure marks the spiky blue creature's second outing on Nintendo's DS, bringing (almost-)classic 2D Sonic gameplay back to the DS. Oh, yes, and it also introduces an annoying stereotypical Australian raccoon named Marine.

So, what's changed since the original Sonic Rush? Probably the most major addition is that of vaguely Wind Waker-esque sea-based travelling. Whilst this sounds like it could be a major feature, in reality it's just a minor diversion - exploration is mostly useless, places you should be heading towards are clearly marked, and you don't even directly control your route when travelling. Whether this is good or bad probably depends on your point of view - on the one hand, it could be so much more, but on the other hand it is a variation from the core Sonic gameplay, which may not be well-received by die-hard fans.

Tied in with this, in order to progress throughout the game, Tails needs to build different sea craft. To do this, he requires certain numbers of materials. Materials are collected by passing stages, with more materials being given the better you do at them. This effectively enforces replaying of levels, which becomes quite a pain after the first couple of times, especially when you need a material from a tough stage.

But enough with comparing features between SRA and the original Sonic Rush - is it actually fun to play? Well, one of the main criticisms of Sonic Rush, that there were too many places where you'd die without warning, has been somewhat addressed. It's still a problem - I found myself cursing at my DS Lite on a number of occasions when I'd successfully missed the same gap several times in a row, and fallen to my death, but at least it doesn't seem to be quite as bad as before.

Boss battles in SRA are greatly improved over the original, making use of both screens and more dynamic environments, providing a far more interesting variety of attacks. They're still not set in vast expansive landscapes, but that wouldn't add all that much in the way of enjoyment. The current boss battles work well as they are, and no two boss battles feel like the same scenario with different scenery.

SRA brings Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support to the series, letting you battle against another player over the Internet. This works fairly well, and sees you playing through stages against another player, either competing on time, or coins. I did once manage to get into an infinite race, presumably on a stage intended for coin battles. That you can choose the stage, and then have no way to exit it, is somewhat poor design - it shouldn't be possible to do. However, aside from this one problem, the WFC mode worked flawlessly for me, and standard single/multi-card wireless options are also available.


Graphics Whilst it's classic 2D-style Sonic action, the environments are complemented by the use of 3D rendering, adding an extra layer of visual depth to the game. 7/10
Gameplay Classic Sonic gameplay, the way that it should be. 8/10
Value Sonic Rush Adventure gives you a game well-suited to playing both on the move and at home, for a decent price. 7/10
Lifespan The main game can be completed fairly quickly, but the additional missions can keep you occupied for quite some time. 7/10
Audio Music can be somewhat annoying in places, and there's no voice acting (which could be a blessing in disguise), but overall the audio works well. 6/10
Overall An enjoyable game filled with classic Sonic gameplay - just the sort of thing that fits the DS perfectly. 8/10

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