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Boulder Dash Rocks! review

As far as home video game series go, Boulder Dash is one of the older ones, with its first incarnation being released in 1984. So, 23 years later we have been given this latest incarnation of the game, the punnily titled Boulder Dash Rocks!.

BDR!'s main gameplay resembles that of the original Boulder Dash - for those who have never played the classic in any of its many versions, you play the part of Rockford, a guy who, for whatever reason, exists in a universe where living creatures appear to have a separate gravity system to boulders, diamonds, and other inanimate objects. His task is to go around collecting enough diamonds on each level to make a hidden exit appear - ah, the wonders of '80s video game plots. There have, of course, been standard updates to the gameplay, adding new enemies and changing the scenery between different "planets", but the core is good old Boulder Dash.

In addition to the (albeit modified) classic gameplay, BDR brings a couple of new gameplay types. Route Race gives a new twist on the boulder dash format - the same basic rules apply, but you have to plan your route in advance. Initially this doesn't sound like it's anything major, but the forward planning of even relatively simple boulder chains, let alone some of the more advanced elements, in combination with having to keep a mental picture of the state of the world at all times makes this mode fairly challenging.

The other two gameplay types are the new Double Dash, which apparently has nothing to do with Mario Kart, and your good old standard time trial. Time trial is what you'd expect, but we unfortunately couldn't try out Double Dash since it's a multi-cart multiplayer mode, and we only have one cart - a problem which will likely stop many people from ever playing it.

All in all, if you enjoy classic Boulder Dash gameplay and fancy a version for your DS, Boulder Dash Rocks! is a worthy contender for your money, with the extra modes adding some additional variety into the mix.


Graphics BDR! certainly looks better than the original Boulder Dash... 7/10
Gameplay If you enjoy classic Boulder Dash, you'll like this, especially with the route race mode. 7/10
Value Possibly a bit expensive for Boulder Dash, but worth it if you enjoy the game. 6/10
Lifespan There certainly seem to be enough levels to last you for quite some time, though it's not infinitely replayable 7/10
Audio There's not a huge amount to be said here - BDR! doesn't make a huge use of audio, but the sound effects that are there work fine. 6/10
Overall As I've reiterated a few times in the review, now, BDR! is an enjoyable game if you're a fan of the gameplay, with the new Route Race adding some enjoyable (yet challenging) variety. 7/10

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