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Resident Evil Zero review

Resident Evil first appeared in 1995 on the Playstation and kicked life into the Survival Horror genre, which Alone in the Dark had failed to do. To understand what had happened to cause the T-virus outbreak you need to go back before the first Resident Evil game which was re-made for the Nintendo Gamecube. So this game takes you back before the mansion incident.

Unlike the previous Resident Evil games the character control is different. How? I here you ask. Well you donít just have the one person to control, you now have two people who you can zap between during most of the game, there are a few times when you are alone and canít zap between the characters. This comes in handy as one of them is more intelligent and the other one is stronger. So working together they can accomplish tasks, which they would not be able to on their own.

The person you start with is S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team member Rebecca Chambers an intelligent woman who graduated from university at the age of 18. She is highly organized agent who knows how to take control of any situation.

The second person that comes into play is Billy Coen who is convicted on circumstantial evidence; this ex-Marine was sentenced to death for the murder of 23 people. He escapes in a crash on route to his execution, he his about to find out that he is not just running from the law but a forest full of dead animal, people and birds.

After a cut scene, which explains about how the bravo team has to make a forced, landing in Raccoon forest and come across the wrecked transport that Billy had escaped from. Not fully understanding the situation they split up in search of Coen.

You follow Rebecca as she searches through the forest and come across what seems like an abandoned train.

This is where you take control of Rebecca.
Once on the train you realise that not all is what it seems. She is shocked to find the dead walking and feasting off other dead.
Itís not to long before you meet up with Billy, but there is no trust at first but she has no choice other than joining up with him to get through this nightmare.
As you progress through the game you will learn more about Billy and Rebecca will grow to trust him.
As you make steady progress through the game you will learn of Umbrellaís secrets. (The company behind the T-virus research), You will also delve into Albert Weskerís involvement with the T-Virus and the Umbrella corporation, and how both the Alpha and Bravo S.T.A.R.S teams were set up by Wesker just for his pleasure to test how long they would last against the un-dead.

The Graphics of the game are crisp and clear and do use the Gamecubeís power to the max. The only problem I have with the game is that they are still fixed camera angles unlike Code Veronica on the PS2 & Dreamcast.
The games length is short in comparison to Code Veronica as well, though once completed you do unlock a mini game ware you have to collect leaches, when you have finished the mini game depending on how many leaches you have collected it will give you a reward for the main game like Infinite ammo for the shotgun. Other rewards include Magnum, which you can collect early in the game, if you can find it.

The control system from the earlier games remains which will disappoint people who donít like it or are new to the game. With being a big Resident Evil fan I have grown accustom to the control system.

Switching between the two characters is something that has been incorporated well and gives a new dimension in game playing and also in the puzzle department they have to work together by switching from one to anther to accomplish the puzzle.

The game is well thought out and is a great addition to the Resident Evil series.


Graphics Crisp and clear graphics. But it must be time to move on from fixed camera angles. 9/10
Gameplay With the new character zapping it adds to the game play and make it more fun. But it also has more of a challenge to it, as a lot of the puzzles need both characters to work together to solve them 9/10
Value At the time of writing, we did not have a value for money ranking. 0/10
Lifespan You will be at this game for hours trying to figure out some of the harder puzzles and with new items and mini game it will keep you hooked. But once completed the game does feel short but has good replay value. 8/10
Audio Once again Capcom have out done them selves with great audio. It can get quite nerve wrecking at times you can feel your heart beat when the tension is high thanks to the creepiness of the audio 9/10
Overall Resident Evil sets anther benchmark with this title. A must have game for any survival horror fan. Enough said 9/10

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