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Midnight Club: Street Racing review

The "illegal street racing" game on the PlayStation 2 has come to Gameboy Advance. Instead of using the PS2 version's 3D engine, the game takes a top-down 2D view, in the same style as the first two Grand Theft Auto games, and does so very well. The graphics on the game are excellent, using the top-down perspective very well, as well as a translucency effect for traffic signals and street lamps. This is a graphically pleasing game.

However, it's not all about graphics, there's the actual game to consider. The game pits you in the world of illegal street racing where people from the Midnight Club, the underground racing gangs who race against each other. You search out the gangs, race against their members, and ultimately race the gang leader for his car. This is how you progress through the game, and is a good and fun concept.

But Midnight Club features a fatal flaw - the green arrow. If you're experienced with other checkpoint-based racing games, you'll know that an arrow (usually green for some reason) points you in the direction of the next checkpoint. Well, Midnight Club chooses to confuse you and point to the nearest checkpoint to your car - which means you can go off in completely the wrong direction. Something which hampers this game dearly. However, this doesn't affect all races, and you could learn the course by following computer cars, but it's just not as much fun.

On the subject of computer cars, your opponents' cars' A.I. is rubbish. They all follow a direct track along the course, and only drift if you or the traffic drives into them. They form a quite amusingly stupid train as they go along. The traffic, on the other hand, is a sign of very good A.I. The cars follow the basic traffic rules - stopping at red lights, and driving in the correct lanes for turning - they sound their horn you nearly miss them, and change lanes to overtake other people on the road. The police are kind of in between in the two in terms of good A.I. They will follow you if they see you in some missions, or if you hit them, but they usually crash off and don't avoid the street traffic. They also only ever target you, and never the computer opponents. It's amazing that such a range of A.I. all made by the same group of people features in one single game.

The game also has the annoying password save - something I've never liked - and I think it was a bad idea when the aim of the game is to collect many cars (hence you have a lot of codes). However, what makes it worse is that you can never review your last password, so if you accidentally skip a code, there's no way of viewing it again, unless you back to the previous code, and do what you just did again.

Multiplayer goes a miss here - something that maybe could have rescued the game a bit. No link option - whether single or multi-cartridge - was included in the game.


Graphics Some excellent 2D graphics, with translucent effects. 8/10
Gameplay Poor opponent A.I. and the awful green arrow waypoint. 5/10
Value At the time of writing, we did not have a value for money ranking. 0/10
Lifespan You may get stuck and bored with the bad waypointing. 6/10
Audio Not bad car and horn sounds, but not crisp enough for my liking. More like GBC sounds. 6/10
Overall Midnight Club could have been a brilliant game, but spoiled by some fatal flaws. 6/10

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