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Crash Bandicoot Fusion review

Crash Bandicoot Fusion, known as Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage in the US, is the bigger brother of Spyro Fusion. As such, the vast majority of the review applies to Crash Bandicoot Fusion as well. At this point, the more astute/less patient readers out there will have noticed that I've given Crash Fusion a higher rating than Spyro Fusion. Despite consisting of the same basic gameplay, with the same basic flaws, Crash Fusion manages to stave off boredom for a bit longer.

Crash Fusion is still not the pinnacle of GBA gameplay, but due to it being aimed at an older audience, Vicarious Visions could integrate a bit more complexity. The most obvious manifestation of this is in the minigames themselves; instead of the one goal in Spyro Fusion's minigames, each Crash Fusion minigame has two goals; a primary goal, which must be completed (normally this is reaching the end of a course, or destroying the boss) and a secondary goal, which is optional. This at least gives you a bit more choice over how difficult you want to make the minigames, and there's no "do this or don't progress" feeling. The minigames also offer you more control; whilst in Spyro Fusion you're typically forced to keep moving, Crash Fusion lets you control your own movements completely. This may seem like a minor point, but I found it that much more satisfying and enjoyable to have full control over my movements.

Outside of minigames, there are no major differences other than scenery; some of the areas and hazards are common to both games, but this isn't an issue; the platformer part was fun enough anyway.


Graphics Fairly decent; not ultra high quality, but above average. 7/10
Gameplay It would be more fun if it weren't for the repetition and simplicity, but at least it is more enjoyable than Spyro Fusion. 5/10
Value More appropriate for an older audience, but still not great. 5/10
Lifespan The secondary objectives allow for re-doing minigames without getting bored out of your skull. 4/10
Audio Above average, but the music can become repetitive after a while. Much like the minigames. 7/10
Overall Crash Bandicoot Fusion is more enjoyable than Spyro Fusion, thanks to its increased complexity, but there is still lots of room for improvement. 5/10

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