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Action Replay GBX review

Datel have done it again with another great cheat cart

Finding some of your GBA games a bit hard? Want to try new things with your games? Want to exchange/back up saves? Well, evidently so did someone at Datel...

The Action Replay GBX is the GBA Action Replay from Datel (also known as the Gameshark in the USA). Basically what it does is plugs into your GBA and messes with game memory to allow you to do things that you can't normally - for example in Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World you can moonjump, a feature which can come in very useful for studying a level to see if you've missed anything.

Unlike with older Action Replays it is not possible to hack your own codes. This is a shame, since hacking your own codes can be fun and rewarding (and with the Codejunkies Discussion Board - down since mid-2002 - you could post your own codes and find other people's codes). Saying this, many users won't really care about being able to hack their own codes anyway, so there is no major loss to you if you have no intention to hack codes.

The Action Replay GBX has a USB interface to connect to a PC (Microsoft Windows 98 (or higher) is the only supported OS and I doubt it would work on any Windows emulators (e.g. Wine) for Mac/Linux/*BSD due to the use of a driver - but I haven't tested it yet) along with software to upload and download codes/saves from the AR, and the PC Database. "What saves?" I hear you ask inside your brain (yes, I can read your thoughts! What was that? DIRTY READER! [wink]); with the Action Replay GBX you can download most of your saves from the cart to the PC then swap them online (our forum contains a save-swapping section for this specific purpose). I say "most" because there are certain types of cart which can not have their saves downloaded (for those who are technical-minded, those which use EEPROM - which for those who are slightly less techinical-minded - or just forgot - means "Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory").

If you have bought a game from the USA, the codes in the AR may or may not work with it - the good news is that Gameshark codes from do work without any form of conversion needed - just whack 'em in and play! There appears to be just one exception to this rule - codes which utilise the AR Button (the extra button on top of the AR) - these, I'm afraid, you will probably have to do without.

Finally, there is the option of upgrading both the PC software and AR software. When Datel release an update, you can automatically download and install it via the PC software by simply clicking "Upgrade". I am personally nervous about upgrading firmware since I messed up a perfectly good N64 AR (and didn't have the cash to replace it - I still have it lying around in case it magically comes alive) - but provided everything goes fine, you should have nothing to worry about and lots to gain.

Oh crap... Scores... How am I going to get round this one then?


Graphics An anime-theme, great looking menus [razz] 5/10
Gameplay Adds a new level of gameplay to your games - you may well find yourself getting out a game you put away a year or so ago. 6/10
Value At the time of writing, we did not have a value for money ranking. 0/10
Lifespan It'll last as long as you get new games! 10/10
Audio Ooh, beeps... 5/10
Overall A must-have product - expands your GBA in so many ways (except literally - we wouldn't want that now...). Get it. Now. 9/10

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