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Previewer Platform Publisher Developer Players Release Date Screenshots
Matt Bailey Xbox Ubi Soft Red Storm Entertainment 1-4 (Split-screen), 2-8 (System Link, Live) 19th November 2004 Here

GSL: Ghost Recon 2 preview

The original Ghost Recon was released on PC back in 2001 and at the time Ubi Soft were mostly known for Rayman and the Rainbow Six games. Ghost Recon was part of the company's big break which saw such hits as Splinter Cell and FarCry, and even mass appeal for the latest versions of classics in Rainbow Six: Athena Sword and Rayman 3. Now Ubi Soft are a widely known company - and are in fact the third larest third-party publisher with enough clout to purchase long established companies such as Eidos and Codemasters, hence recent rumours.

Now in 2004, and after their success on the Xbox with Rainbow Six 3, developers Red Storm Entertainment are back to bring us a sequel on the Xbox and PC (the PS2 version is completely different and being developed in-house by Ubi's Shanghai Studio), and from the code I played at Game Stars Live last week, it is certainly looking impressive. Of course, the first thing you will notice will be the vast improvement in graphics. The Xbox version I saw is able to show what the machine, unlike the original, and I can only expect the PC version to be even sharper.

The story is set in 2011 - with a new conflict in the Korean peninsula looming between Russia, China, and North Korea. Of course, the Ghosts are secretly sent in to dispose of the threat. Again, it's a captivating Clancy story. In game the action is enough to keep you engrossed in the game - the game is enhanced yet immediately playable to veterans, which is something which helped me play for longer at the event. Apart from the fact that the code seems very stable, performs well, and is very enjoyable, there's not much I can report on this game - it's something you have to experience for yourself. However, one addition worth a mention is the new over-the-shoulder camera angle which allows you to see your players and their weapons as you move along and fire - giving the game a feel more along the lines of Full Spectrum Warrior, although first person view is still much preferred for combat.

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