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GME: Commandos Strike Force preview

This preview is based solely on the code available at Games Market Europe.

The Commandos series, the popular RTS series published by Eidos, has gained a new entry: Commandos Strike Force. But wait! This isn't the RTS we know and love; instead it's what Eidos have decided to call a "First Person Action Shooter". So basically, in normal terms, it's a WWII-themed FPS.

Commandos hasn't lost its strategy element with Strike Force, but it has been toned down a lot - think of Brute Force where you have four team members with different abilities and you'll know the amount of strategy involved. Commandos Strike Force has three team members - Green Beret, Sniper and Spy - who have different abilities. The Green Beret is your macho action guy, the Sniper is used for range attacks, and the Spy allows you to infiltrate the enemy's base. But you probably guessed that already. You can switch between the team members at will, a la Brute Force, so you don't have to worry about staying together to carry out orders; when the Eidos rep at GME was demonstrating to us, the first thing he did was move the sniper up to a good sniping point, for an example of tactics.

Multiplayer wasn't on offer at GME, so we can only pass on what we were told; the standard modes will appear (Deathmatch, etc), and a hostage mode will also be available. Apparently this builds on the different classes available, awarding different levels of points for capturing the different team members, but it remains to be seen how well this will be executed.

Given the short time we played it for at GME, it was difficult to see whether Commandos Strike Force will be Just Another Boring WWII FPS, or an enjoyable experience. Only time will tell.

A video of Dave attempting to play Commandos Strike Force, before realising he was out of ammo, is available (requires the XviD codec). You will need to save this to disk before playing.

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