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EVE Online & Dust 514 preview

Earlier this week we sat down with members of the CCP team, developers behind the hugely successful MMO, Eve Online. They began by talking about how the audience continues to grow (and has done since the game's launch ten years ago). Back in February the game reached 500,000 subscribers and supporting those numbers of players has an impact on how the game is designed. They cited an example of the battle of Asakai, which became one of the biggest fights the game had ever supported with over 4,000 players in one system. The team at CCP need to be able to account for these scenarios and with player numbers still increasing they believe that 5,000 player fights and beyond are fast approaching. In order to address the concerns of this ever expanding community, the team are very keen to get feedback from them. They monitor fan events and if there is one with around 50 people or more then they try and fly out a developer to them. It is fantastic to see a company reaching out to fans like this, with recent meet-ups occurring in Serbia and Australia.

Eve Online's second bi-annual update is set to hit soon dubbed Odyssey 1.1. Post-winter, the team is looking to continue its current 2-3 year expansion which will be about exploring the unknown and setting up infrastructure from scratch.

This is what EVE is all about

This is what EVE is all about

After hearing about CCP's current Eve Online update we then heard from the creative director of Dust 514 for an update on how the PS3 FPS tie-in is going. They started by talking about the infrastructure for the game, explaining that many of the game's systems have been taken from or are shared with Eve Online. The marketplace, for example, uses the exact same system and is controlled merely by hiding the items that are not applicable to the console shooter. This integration is of course entirely intentional to allow the gameplay from one to directly affect the other. A recent faction battle for example, saw one of the factions request help from its Dust brethren. Over 3,000 players mobilized and the system was flipped within three hours, happening so quickly that the opposing faction couldn't respond. This goes to show the popularity of Dust 514, something the team hadn’t been able to predict. An update back in May added planetary conquest that allowed Dust 514 players to fight over the control of 245 districts on 24 planets. The team assumed that it would take around one week for all regions to be claimed when in reality it took an incredible 22 minutes and 14 seconds.

The 3rd September will see Dust’s biggest update yet, the 1.4 patch which will see a new map as well as over 1200 fixes. There'll be new weapons and dropsuits, and a new data aggregation view in its menus which gets data from a whole bunch of game feeds. The other big change is to the aim assist. The team knew that it lacked a little something and so the system has been completely refactored.

Death from space

Death from space

Finally, we got to try out everything that CCP had been talking about, including the recently announced EVE Valkyrie, which we'll be covering in an Oculus Rift article very soon.

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