AAG Podcast - Episode 8: Moving and Reaching

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26th September 2010 Matt Bailey

In this post we present episode 8 of our series of podcasts recorded by (some of) the team here at allaboutgames.co.uk. Editor Matt Bailey hosts again alongside Andy Daniel and Richard Pilot who contribute to the discussions involving what we've been playing and news in the gaming world. Featured in this edition:

  • Alien Breed: Impact
  • Halo Reach
  • PlayStation Move (including Resident Evil 5 Gold, Sports Champions, Start the Party and Tumble)
  • Worms Reloaded

We also discuss the latest news in gaming, such as a round-up from the Tokyo Game Show, the death of APB and Realtime Worlds, and the Xbox Live Dead of the Week vote.

We hope you enjoy our discussions, rantings and general disconnection from reality (OK, we're not that wild...). Send your feedback, questions or remarks to us via twitter or email.

This podcast, and all our previous episodes, are also available on iTunes.


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