AAG Podcast - Episode 5: In a Trilogy of Four

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15th August 2010 Matt Bailey

We've made it through to episode 5 of our games-based discussions that fill the latest podcast from the allaboutgames.co.uk team. The usual bunch are back, that is, Richard Pilot, Andy Daniel and myself (Matt Bailey). In Episode 5 we discuss:

  • What we've been playing (including Mafia 2 demo, StarCraft II, Alien Swarm, and Victoria 2)
  • The News (including Batman: Arkham City, No Kinect in Fable 3, Wii hardware and game sales, Modern Warfare 2 XBLA glitch, and Split/Second: Velocity DLC)
  • Recent website content (including reviews for Limbo, Singularity, Ancients of Ooga, and Bob came in pieces)

As ever, we hope you enjoy the show. Please send us your feedback - positive or negative - via Twitter and e-mail. The podcast is also available on iTunes.


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