AAG Podcast - Episode 10: 11 Years and Counting

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24th October 2010 Matt Bailey

It's our 11th Anniversary weekend here on allaboutgames.co.uk, and the latest podcast joins in with the fun. Well, kind of. Episode 10 is actually a regular episode but we do have a quick chat towards the end about being 11. As usual editor Matt Bailey is hosting, along with Rich Pilot and Andy Daniel. Despite the birthday, all three still discuss what they've been playing and news in the gaming world. Featured in this edition:

  • Sonic 4
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  • Enslaved
  • Civilization V
  • F1 2010
  • Blade Kitten
  • Halo Reach
  • Front Mission: Evolved

We also discuss the latest news in gaming, such as the Kinect launch line-up, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, the new Xbox.com and the Team Fortress 2 community content.

We hope you enjoy our discussions and rantings, but if you anything to say - postive or negative - send your feedback, questions or remarks to us via twitter or email.

This podcast, and all our previous episodes, are also available on iTunes.


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