Xbox One launch date confirmed, CPU speed gets an increase

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5th September 2013 Matt Bailey

Microsoft have finally announced the release date for their new console, the Xbox One, more than two weeks after Sony did the same for the PS4. The Xbox One will arrive in all thirteen launch countries simultaneously on the 22nd November, and yes that includes in the UK. That's a full week ahead of the UK arrival of the PlayStation 4, which hits shelves on the 29th, although it's also exactly a week behind the US and Canada release of the PS4; while Microsoft launch in all 13 countries at the same time, Sony launch their machine in two first, and the other thirty two weeks later.

The announcement of a launch date is not only going to please those who have already pre-ordered, but it will also now allow Microsoft to ramp up its marketing efforts and build momentum for the release. For Sony, also, it allows them to plan their marketing, especially now they have sandwiched the Xbox One launch with their own two release dates. With both consoles looking likely to be sold out on Day 1, the order of their release is likely to have little impact, but they are both arriving ahead of the busy "Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving) shopping extravaganza in the US.

It seems that the release date announcement coincides with Microsoft ramping production up to full capacity, which also means they are confident of delivering more machines on launch that previous thought. More interesting is that now manufacturing is fully underway they've been able to reveal a 10% speed bump for the CPUs in the Xbox One, which alongside a recent increase in the GPU speed should help the console narrow the performance gap to the PS4, and will likely be more useful to games further down the line.

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