UK Charts: Minecraft builds to the top, holds off Pikmin 3

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29th July 2013 Matt Bailey

After six weeks at the top, there's a new king atop the UK all-format charts. Except, it isn't a new game, it's Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition which has been lurking in second place for a while. The end of The Last of Us's reign didn't come as a result of a significant drop in sales for Sony and Naughty Dog's highly-acclaimed PS3 post-apocalyptic game, but instead a 74% rise in sales for Microsoft, Mojang and 4J Studio's disc-based version of the highly popular mining, crafting and building indie game. It denied Nintendo from getting a debut Number 1 for Pikmin 3, although considering the Wii U's struggles, having a game exclusive to the console in second place will be comforting. Particularly if it sold more Wii Us. It also placed well ahead of Pikmin 2's 2004 debut on the GameCube in 32nd place. That's a series that has been overdue a return, then.

It's not the only new Nintendo game, with another Wii U exclusive also in the Top 40. New Super Luigi U arrives at No. 13, and it's a standalone version of the extensive downloadable content back for New Super Mario Bros U which was previously released on the eShop. The Smurfs 2 is sort of a new entry at 25th - it was actually released in the shops over a week ago and has a sudden sales boost.

Last week's Number 5 debut for Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors 8 has become 18th spot this week, while the bungeeing Max Payne 3 has fallen to 14th from 7th, waiting for its next discount-driven sales boost.

This Friday will be August, so there will be no games coming out for a little while. At least, that's the conventional logic, and it seems there aren't any major boxed releases for a while, but there does seem to be a significant lineup of titles on digital stores. Not that sales of those will affect next Monday's charts, though.

For the full UK all-format Top 40 head over to our charts page.

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