Sony details PS3 to PS4 game upgrade scheme for Call of Duty: Ghosts, BF4 and more

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20th September 2013 Matt Bailey

At Gamescom Sony revealed an upgrade scheme for certain PS3 games, allowing you to pay a small fee to get the digital PS4 version of the same game. Today they've revealed the details of the scheme, how it works, how much it costs and what games support it.

Firstly, if you buy the PS3 edition from the PlayStation Store then it's a simple matter of paying £9.99 on the Store after the PS4 comes out to get Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, or Watch Dogs on the new machine, or pay £11.99 to upgrade NBA 2K14. Pay the fee, get the digital version, and continue on the PS4. Both Ghosts and BF4 have been promised by their respective publishers to also carry across DLC purchases and online progress.

If you buy the disc versions of these five games upon their PS3 release you'll get a code in the box which you can enter in the PlayStation Store and then pay the same price to upgrade to a digital version of the PS4 game. While that's all you need to do to get hold of the new version, you can't go trading in the PS3 disc (and make back most of the cost of the game...) and you need to have the PS3 game in the disc drive of your PS4 in order for the new digital version to run. It sounds odd, but it stops people essentially getting the PS4 edition for next to nothing after selling their PS3 game back to the likes of GAME or Amazon.

Talking of GAME and Amazon, both have announced trade-in schemes in a similar manner. GAME will let you trade-in Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts or FIFA 14 on the PS3 or 360 before Christmas and get a guaranteed £40 of in-store credit which you can then use to pick up the PS4 or Xbox One versions of the same games, paying the £10 price difference. Essentially the same offer, but with discs and a different game selection (although the list from GAME may grow before launch). Amazon's trade-in offer gives you £15 credit to use how you like, plus an extra £22 via a promotion code that you can redeem against Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 or Need for Speed: Rivals on the PS4 or Xbox One, so the upgrade will be somewhere between £7 and £13 depending on the next-gen game. This offer is only available until the end of the year.

Sony's offer, in both digital and disc forms, will only be available for a limited time too; before 31st January for ACIV and Watch Dogs, 28th March for Battlefield 4, or 31st March for CoD: Ghosts and NBA 2K14.

Microsoft have also revealed a similar programme to Sony's, called Xbox Game Ahead, but so far only Activision have revealed details, explaining that Call of Duty: Ghosts you need to buy a special dual-digital version of the Xbox 360 game up front where you enter a code into your current console, and when you get an Xbox One you get the game on there via your Xbox Live account. If you buy the 360 version digitally then again the Xbox One version is available and tied to your Live account. If you get the regular 360 disc version of Ghosts then you won't be able to upgrade for the same £10 cost and will probably want to investigate GAME's offer if you want to move to the next-gen edition.

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