PlayStation 3 Update 4.00 Hits - Vita Supported

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30th November 2011 Andy Daniel

PlayStation 3 consoles will be recieving a new update this week. Version 4.00 has been released to the masses to prepare the home console for connectivity with Sony's upcoming next generation portable PS Vita. Update your console now to receive features such as:

  • PS Vita content sharing - music, video and pictures
  • PS Vita content can be backed up to the PS3
  • PlayStation Plus members can choose which features are automatically updated
  • UK English is now included as a language
  • You can now sign up for PlayStation Plus right from the XMB

The Sony PS Vita hits Japan shelves from December 17th, while Europe and North America don't get our hands on the devices until February 22nd 2012.

Source: Sony EU Blog

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