PS4 and Xbox One off to a good start, death of consoles delayed

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17th December 2013 Matt Bailey

Reports that the days of the video game console were over were either incorrect or at least too early, for the next-gen consoles are off to a really great start. Well, if you don't include the Wii U anyway.

Following its second launch weekend at the end of November, Sony announced that they had sold 2.1 million PS4s worldwide, including 250,000 in the first 48 hours in the UK alone. This marked a new UK record, beating the PSP's 185,000 from 2005. The first launch weekend for Sony saw them rack up 1 million sales in the US and Canada, and with the additional 29 countries in Europe, Latin and South America and Oceania they were able to push over the 2 million mark, despite many countries failing to meet demand. Sony have since added another round of European and South American countries to the list, but we've yet to see any updates on the number from 1st December. It's possible that the PS4 has passed the 3 million mark now, but we likely won't get any new figures until after the Christmas season has played out.

Despite the PS4's success, it's certainly not bad news for Microsoft who themselves passed 2 million sales for the Xbox One earlier this month. As of December 7th they had sold a couple of million worldwide in their 15 launch countries. Unlike Sony, their expansion to new territories won't begin until next year, with the company instead focusing solely in getting new machines to the existing countries, including the all-important (for them) US market.

On the surface it's possible to say that the PS4 is more successful right now as it's likely in the lead in terms of the total number of consoles sold, but with demand outstripping supply for both machines in most - if not all - countries, at the moment the battle is one of who can make more machines rather than which machine is desired more by the public. However, we can say that right now the console market is looking healthy, at least if you're Microsoft or Sony, and that these numbers rubbish talk that smartphones and tablets had killed off, or at least severely damaged, demand for a gaming box under the television.

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