PS4 Launch: 1m Sales on Day 1, New Uncharted Revealed, Exclusive MGS Ground Zeroes retro content for PS4

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19th November 2013 Matt Bailey

The PlayStation 4 launched in North America last Friday, and as part of that Sony held a televised launch event which included a few announcements with it too. But before we look at those, we've also heard from Sony that on that day they sold 1 million consoles, a new record for the company, and we believe games consoles in general - at least in North America. In context, the highly anticipated Wii sold 600,000 machines in the US and Canada on Day 1, so Sony's numbers are highly significant. In addition to demand, they also earn credit for being able to produce and ship that amount of boxes; the Wii and Xbox 360 - both widely unavailable in the months after launch - would likely have sold a lot more if the companies have been able to get more out to shops earlier. If you want to succeed it's more than being able to create demand, you need to deliver supply. Microsoft's Xbox One launches worldwide this Friday, so hopefully we'll have some numbers for comparison early next week, ahead of the following Friday's rest-of-world arrival for the PS4.

However, 1 million consoles isn't enough for Sony, and of course they're hoping to shift many more in the months and years ahead, and to help keep people interested beyond launch day there were a few announcements as part of their celebratory event. Chief among these announcements if confirmation that Naughty Dog are working on a new Uncharted for the PS4, curiously without number or subtitle right now in a short teaser trailer that didn't feature the voice of Nathan Drake; it's possible we're looking at a new protagonist, but really we're very short of details right now. Naughty Dog is big enough to run two full teams right now, so this announcement doesn't stop a The Last of Us follow-up or something new from that half of the studio in the near future.

Konami's upcoming stealth-action game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, the first of two parts of the fifth MGS, is set to feature some content exclusive to the PS3 and PS4, content which plays on the heritage of the series on the PlayStation platforms. It's a "deja-vu" mission which references events from the original Metal Gear Solid from the PS1, as you recreate your actions in that game, and in return the flashback graphics give you familiar enemies, weather conditions and polycounts. It'll be available in both the digital and boxed versions which come out next Spring.

TowerFall, probably the only notable hit on the Ouya microconsole, is now set to arrive on the PS4 next year. TowerFall is a local multiplayer combat game that's fast-paced with one-hit kills with arrows and a limited supply of ammo. And it's proved rather popular and become a notable indie release of 2013 despite its limited release on the Ouya. Now it's set to reach a wider audience with a PS4 and then a PC release of TowerFall Ascension. Ascension is an enhanced version of the game with 50 new versus levels, 4 more characters, a 12-player co-op Quest mode, 6 new power-ups and, of course, PS4 features like trophies, Remote Play, and - likely to be a popular - broadcasting games via Twitch and UStream. Canadian developer Matt Thorson is behind the game and is working on the new PS4 and PC versions with his team.

Lastly, The Last of Us. No, sadly, it's not heading to PS4 - at least not in the near future - but Sony did curiously announce first details of the story DLC coming for the PS3 game. "Left Behind" is actually Naughty Dog's first ever single-player DLC, and again features Ashley Johnson as Ellie, as well as Yaani King who is being performance captured for the role of Riley, Ellie's best friend at the Boston military boarding school the two are attending in the quarantine zone. This is all before she meets Joel in the main campaign, and should give us some important background on Ellie and how she came to be the character we all saw back in June. There's currently no release date or price attached to the new content, but it's due early next year, so don't let the PS3 get too dusty.

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