Nintendo licence handwriting recognition for DS

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26th October 2005 Matt Bailey

Nintendo and Zi Corporation today announced a deal which will see Ninty allowing DS developers to use handwriting recognition technology in their upcoming game, or other software. This will, of course, be the first gaming device to do so, considering it is the only one - aside from the now-defunct Tapwave Zodiac - to feature a touch screen and stylus.

"As the leading provider of handheld video game systems in the world, Nintendo has a reputation for adopting innovative technologies that improve the user's experience with its products," said Milos Djokovic, chief technical officer and chief operating officer, Zi Corporation. "With Decuma, Nintendo DS users will experience natural handwriting recognition previously only available to PDA and smartphone users. Zi continues to bring its multi-modal input products to leading mobile phones, gaming platforms and smartphones across the globe."

No company has yet announced any titles that use the technology, so unless the deal was made a while ago, with the technology already in the hands of developers, then it could be some time before we see handwriting making it's way into Ninteno DS games. Still, it's an interesting idea, and one we'll certainly be keeping an eye on.

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