Major Resogun update introduces ship editor and local co-op

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24th June 2014 Matt Bailey

We certainly don't cover every game's patch on here, but the latest update for Housemarque's PS4-exclusive side-scrolling shooter, Resogun, is a significant one worthy of your attention. Just ahead of the release of the "Heroes" DLC on Wednesday, which will add two new modes to the game, is a patch which addresses a number of issues but also adds two significant new features. One is local co-op, something often requested by fans, particularly those who played Housemarque's PS3 shooter Super Stardust HD, which featured 2-player local multiplayer out of the digital box. Two players can now get together on the same screen to take on the action.

My first attempt with the editor, a tribute to Darwinia

My first attempt with the editor, a tribute to Darwinia

A surprise addition has been the ship editor, which provides a simple 3D space in which to snap together cubes - individual voxels - to form a craft of any design you like. It can be flat or bulbous, it can be long or short. It can even be tiny. Or Mario. Or Walter White. Or an X-Wing. Whatever takes your fancy, with those last three being real creations which appeared within a very short time after the patch went live on Monday. If you're not feeling creative, or just want to be try out the more impressive creations, then you'll be pleased to know that Housemarque also added the ability to share ships, with an easily-searchable index, and a ranking system where anyone can 'like' a craft with Star Wars spaceships and animals generally rising to the top right now. With thousands of creations in the first day alone, it seems this feature is a big hit with the Resogun community, and is drawing PS4 players back to the game.

The update also does a lot to simply polish Resogun, including removing some known exploits. With these gone, and the ship editor in place, the leaderboards have been reset for this new playing field, although the previous best scores have been saved and presented in a new hall of fame. There's little tweaks all over the place, including more customisable controls, new statistics tracking, improvements to the clarity of the HUD; the sort of polish that shows Housemarque still loves its game. Of course, with that DLC due this week, they want everyone to come back and fall in love again too.

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