Gamescom: PlayStation Now and PlayStation TV gets UK dates

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13th August 2014 Matt Bailey

PlayStation services which have been making waves in other parts of the world are finally coming to the UK. The "PS Vita TV" - essentially a Vita in a small box that plugs into your TV as a microconsole - was rebranded at E3 as "PlayStation TV", and now a UK price and date have been revealed at Sony's Gamescom press conference. The device let's you play physical and digital PS Vita games, alongside digital PSone and PSP games, a range of apps, and use the remote play feature of the PS4 to play PS4 games in other rooms in your house. It'll cost £85 and arrive on 14th November.

PlayStation Now, the Gaikai-powered streaming service shown off at the PS4's reveal last February, has been running in open beta in the US, and now it's set to expand to Europe with a UK beta confirmed for 2015 - although no confirmation when in that 12 month span it will be. PlayStation Now's primary focus is to stream PS3 games, whether that's to a PS3 (so you can avoid download times), to a PS4 (for backwards compatibility), to a PS Vita (for portability), or a Bravia TV (so you don't need to use a console at all). There are also plans to expand this to cover older PlayStation platforms too. It remains to be seen how well the service will work in the UK's slightly flaky broadband infrastructure, although more concern might be around the pricing which has been controversially high in the US. Sony have promised they are adjusting that, and that the prices themselves are currently in beta, so hopefully their UK versions will benefit from a more sensible strategy.

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