Gamescom: FIFA 14 to come with every Xbox One pre-order, includes Xbox-exclusive Ultimate Team Legends

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20th August 2013 Matt Bailey

It could be seen as a desperate move, but to those on the receiving end it's actually quite a generous one. At their Gamescom event this morning Microsoft confirmed the rumour which appeared on Monday that suggested that they could be bundling a copy of EA Sports' FIFA 14 with every Xbox One. Europeans who pre-order Microsoft's new console will get a download code for the football game when it launches.

The inclusion of FIFA 14 goes some way to mitigate the £80 price difference between the Xbox One and the PS4 - although a PS4 and a copy of FIFA 14 will still be a cheaper purchase. However, that's only if you actually wanted FIFA 14; while it is one of the best selling series of all-time - and is an absolute juggernaut in Europe - there are still plenty of games who are not interested in football at all who won't be won over by the announcement. It's also a curious choice for Microsoft; while going for a highly popular game wins more headlines, it seems odd that the company is chucking such large amounts of money at EA in this way, and that they didn't just pick a first-party game instead.

In addition to this announcement, the love-in between Microsoft and FIFA continues with FIFA 14's Xbox versions including exclusive Legendary players for the very popular (and very profitable) Ultimate Team mode. While PS3 and PS4 owners get to play Ultimate Team, only the 360 and Xbox One editions will include a range of players from across the generations and countries that can be included in your squad. In some way this could be a bigger pull towards Xbox for dedicated FIFA fans.

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