EA Access subscription service launches on Xbox One

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12th August 2014 Matt Bailey

Revealed just a couple of weeks ago, EA's new subscription service has launched on the Xbox One. After Sony declared that EA Access "doesn't represent good value to the PlayStation gamer", the appearance of the service as an Xbox-exclusive made more sense, although that has angered those PS4 owners who wanted to opt-in.

Owners of Microsoft's latest console can sign up to EA Access for £3.99 per month, or £19.99 a year, and get to play games in "the vault", which include the likes of FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4, EA's big guns of nine months ago. Like PlayStation Plus, these 'free' games are available as long as you're subscribed, and in addition to the selection - which EA are promising will be updated with new high-profile games over time - you get a 10% discount on full games and DLC, and early access - including full game trials ahead of release.

On the surface, it seems like a good deal, but there are wider concerns about the new service. Firstly, with subscriber-only trials, we are now far less likely to see free demos for EA's games available for all, but more concerning could be that any success for EA Access would lead to this becoming a wider trend, resulting in a range of subscriptions from different publishers that would be necessary to get all the content you want from the games you're already buying from them.

Still, it's interesting to see EA experiment, and if you want to give it a go then you can head to the Xbox Games Store on your Xbox One and hand over your money in return for digital games.

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