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12th July 2014 Matt Bailey

Richard Pilot did a great job recapping the E3 press conferences to give you all the details of what went and what got announced at the American video games show last month. That includes publishers EA and Ubisoft, as well as platform makers Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. They are all well worth a read if you want to find out what went on from five of the biggest makers of video games. However, E3 is a big show, and there's plenty that went on that you might have missed. Here's a few things which are covered above but deserve a special mention, or things that were announced elsewhere at the show.

Things to Play Now

Games companies know that E3's press conferences attract massive attention from the audience away from the event, those sitting at home looking at the shiny new games of the future. So a few of them have let everyone have a go with what the journalists at E3 have been playing. That includes two big games of Autumn 2014 - Destiny and Battlefield: Hardline. Destiny is Bungie's open-world first-person shooter, and arguably the biggest game of the coming season; surprisingly it was actually made playable to a good number of players during E3 week with a PS4-only Alpha, with the Beta set to arrive on PS4 and PS3 in a week, followed by the Xbox versions at the end of the month. The Battlefield: Hardline beta was also available for a limited number of PS4 and PC players, and let you try out EA's new cops-and-robbers multiplayer FPS. And if you want something a little more permanent, Sony actually announced and released Entwined on stage during their conference. It comes from a new group within Sony Worldwide Studios made up of graduates from two US universities, and their first game is a curious one; you control a fish and a bird, souls of people in love with each other but who can't be together. So instead you control both of them individually with each analogue stick navigating the beautiful world. It's out now on PS4, with the PS3 and PS Vita versions set to follow soon.

Big Ships in Space

If you're looking for something different, then Yager - the team behind the under-appreciated Spec Ops: The Line - are at work on Dreadnaught. The free-to-play aspect might be off-putting to some, but the concept is worth your attention. It's about big ships in space - and I mean, really big ships in space - that fight each other. It's a sci-fi aerial armada game, built on Unreal Engine 4, and due next year. Take a look at its trailer:

Something New from Nintendo

As well as the expected reveal of a new Zelda (which seemed to have an unexpectedly open world), Nintendo's pre-recorded E3 broadcast, and their follow-up videos, actually resulted in the first appearances for some new brand new IP, showing the company is still keen to innovate and push forward the Wii U and the 3DS. Splatoon is a 4-vs-4 third-person shooter, but as this is a Nintendo game, you aren't shooting opponents with bullets, but instead you're trying to cover the world in ink from your guns, with the ability to jump through the ink as a squid in order to get across the map quickly. The original thinking behind this fast-paced battle game is being driven by a new, younger, team out of Nintendo's famous EAD lab in Kyoto, Japan. Intelligent Systems, most recently known as the creators of the Fire Emblem and Pullblox series, are at work on Code Name: STEAM. Like Fire Emblem, it's a turn-based strategy game, but it has third-person elements like Valkyria Chronicles, and is set in a steampunk version of London, although Abraham Lincoln is also involved. It's due on the 3DS next year.

Not So Grim

While Bloodborne was the big surprise on Sony's stage - although it had been strongly hinted at and somewhat leaked before E3 - there was another surprise that no one saw coming; Grim Fandango is returning. The LucasArts adventure game is a classic with plenty of dark humour, but since its 1998 PC release, and the subsequent closing of LucasArts, there was little expectation to see it again. However, Tim Schafer, director of the game, and now heading up Double Fine, took to the microphone to announce a remaster, coming to the PS4 and PS Vita. It seems Double Fine has been able to purchase the rights from new Lucas IP owners Disney, with a bit of financial help from Sony, and is now working on giving a new lick of paint to the game - with a bit of fan support too. Despite Sony's money, it has since been revealed that the game will also be coming to Windows, Mac and Linux - essentially, a Steam release - at some point after the PlayStation platforms. An Xbox release, however, seems unlikely.

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