E3 2014: Ubisoft Media Briefing

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13th June 2014 Richard Pilot

Following on from the EA conference was the Ubisoft media briefing. Not a stranger to announcements, they have previously given us surprises like Watch_Dogs and The Division. Were there any surprises this year? A few!

Kicking of the show was the the first look at FarCry 4. We didn't see any regular gameplay footage but saw the game's intro where got our first real look at the game's villain beyond the cover art that we saw last month. They set the tone nicely and much like FarCry 3, it looks like Ubisoft can create some real crazy characters.

Meet Farcry's latest villain.

Meet Farcry's latest villain.

Just Dance 2015 came next and in case you haven't got fed up of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, then you'll be pleased to know that's a track in the game. You can take videos of your moves (or in our case flailings) and share them with the Just Dance community. In an interesting move Ubisoft also announced Just Dance Now, a game that works on many devices and allows players to come together and dance. It's a smart use of technology, combining multiple devices such as phones and tablets into a single dance session. It allows huge numbers of people to dance together, demonstrated aptly when the players all over the auditorium got up and danced.

Tom Clancy's The Division made its second appearance of the day, having shown up earlier at the Microsoft conference. Although, as they had already demonstrated some gameplay, we only got a pre-rendered trailer featuring a team of flamethrower wielding thugs that I expect we'll come up against in the game. The Crew made a brief showing announcing a release date (11/11), and a trailer showcasing the size of the world (although again, no gameplay footage).

The Crew's attempt at watersports!

The Crew's attempt at watersports!

After these two brief appearances we got a more in-depth look at Assassin's Creed Unity. We got treated to another cinematic before going into gameplay. Everything has been given a next-gen overhaul with an incredibly detailed world and notably, really smooth animations. The game looks fantastic, but it won't be winning any awards for innovative gameplay featuring a very familiar combat system and lots of open world optional extras to go after.

A new game, Shape Up, came next, offering a new take on fitness games, partnering with Microsoft (and the Kinect of course) to offer a fun take on the genre, offering amusing AR games designed to 'get your sweat on', like dancing on pianos or doing pushups with tanks, whales and elephants on your back.

A change of tone next as we took a look at Valiant Hearts, a beautiful looking 2D puzzler using the UbiArt framework and perfectly timed with the 100th Anniversary of the First World War. Again, this was another cinematic trailer with little gameplay footage.

This years surprise from Ubisoft!

This years surprise from Ubisoft!

Ubisoft's "and one more thin" moment was a look at a new game, Rainbow Six Siege and this time we saw some gameplay footage of a multiplayer match. It seems to follow the standard police/criminal faceoff that you may expect from similar games like Counter-Strike, but had a nice high-fidelity look. The most impressive part was the ability to destroy the environment, with players placing breaching charges anywhere to create holes through walls and even the floor. It looked great and, like previous years, was a complete surprise.

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