Driveclub delayed, new game to take launch day PS Plus slot

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20th October 2013 Matt Bailey

The next-gen delays continue. After high-profile multi-platform launch title Watch Dogs was delayed by publisher Ubisoft into Q2 2014, Sony's own Driveclub from Motorstorm creators Evolution Studios, has also been pushed back to "early next year", with no precise details or reason given. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, mentioned in a blog post that "the team requires more time in order to deliver on their vision".

Aside from the loss of a major first-party launch game - which also makes Need for Speed: Rivals the only PS4 racing game on Day 1 - the delay also affects the PlayStation Plus offer. Members of Sony's subscription service were due to get a special "PS Plus Edition" of Evolution's driving game, which would contain a smaller set or cars and tracks but would otherwise contain all the features of the full game. This Edition is still due to arrive on Plus when the full game appears, but for launch day subscribers will now be getting interesting indie action-platformer Contrast instead, to go alongside Housemarque's side-scrolling shooter Resogun.

The delay to Driveclub will leave many disappointed, but with pre-orders sold out for both Sony and Microsoft it seems unlikely that the news will affect the sales of either console, although it does allow Microsoft to push Forza 5 to the forefront and win over racing game fans.

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