Bet on Soldier developers drop Digital Jesters - Digital Jesters taken over by Myriad

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26th November 2005 Matt Bailey

The continuing saga of Digital Jesters took an interesting turn this week.

We recently reported how the publisher lost the publishing rights for DogTag as part of a legal dispute with the developer, which may go to court in the near future. This week the Bet on Soldier developers, Kylotonn Entertainment, announced that "Digital Jesters has committed a series of breaches of contract", and consequently terminated their agreement for the recently released title. However, as the ownership of the game's rights remain with the creators, they will be seeking new UK and US publishers for the game immediately.

As interesting as that was, it doesn't match the news that came out Friday that Myriad Interactive had agreed an "investment plan" to create The DJ Group - a new British publisher, who take over Digital Jesters' assets, and will publish under multiple labels, including "DJ Interactive", "DJ Distribution", "Digital Jesters", "Turtle Games" and "Monte Cristo".

The company will now be the publisher for Crazy Frog Racer for PC and PlayStation 2, and next year's release of Wild Earth in PC.

While the company will take on assets, and some staff, it isn't a complete take-over. The legal issues are still being handled by the old company, so Myriad are not involved in things like the DogTag dispute.

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