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Game Platform Date Added Submitter
Burnout Legends PSP 14/10/2005 JMW

Burnout Legends cheat (PSP)

Special Vehicles

Play through the game on World Tour.

  • Firetruck - Get Gold on all Crash Events.
  • Gangster Boss - Get Gold in all Race events.
  • Cop Racer - Get Gold in all Pursuit events.

Unlock Assassin Cars

  • Assassin Compact Car - Get 15 Takedowns
  • Assassin Coupe Car - Get 60 Takedowns
  • Assassin Muscle Car - Get 30 Takedowns
  • Assassin Sports Car - Get 100 Takedowns
  • Assassin Super Car - Get 150 Takedowns

Unlock Muscle cop

Awarded for bronze in harbour town or sunrise valley pursuit

Unlock Classic legend

Awarded for gold in big sure shore legend face-off

Unlock Ledgend j-muscle

Awarded for gold in airport 1+2 legend face-off

Unlock Dominator muscle

Awarded at 25.000 burnout points

Unlock Tuned muscle

Awarded for 20 gold medals

Unlock Assassin muscle

Awarded at 30 takedowns

Unlock Randome Muscle collector

Awarded for gold in harbour town eliminator

Compact series Unlockables

Note: the Compact collector car varies from each UMD disk.

  • Compact cop - Awarded for bronze in silver lake or airport T1 & T2 pursuit
  • Legend compact - Awarded for gold in interstate loop legend face-off
  • Gangster legend - Awarded for gold in palma bay legend face-off
  • Dominator compact - Awarded at 10.000 burnout points
  • Tuned compact - Awarded for 5 gold medals
  • Assassin compact - Awarded at 15 takedowns
  • Random Compact collector - Awarded for gold in silver lake eliminator

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