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Championship Manager: Season 01/02 PC/Mac 17/07/2002 J.M.Walker

Championship Manager: Season 01/02 cheat (PC/Mac)

Championship Manager 01-02

How to get infinite money
When you start a new game you put your name in as Moneygrabber (as your first name) Extramoney (as your 2nd name). Every time you time spend all your money your money just shoots up to about 50 mil

Tactical Formation
Select and manage AS Roma
Use 4-1-3-2 formation
use this players:

goalkeeper :pelizolli
defender :DL-candela
midfield :RM-totti
striker :batistuta

Team tactical:-
passing style:direct attacking
tackling :hard

Good Player List:
Note: These players start of at the club listed when you start a new game. Player Name - Squad
Javier Saviola - Barcelona
Julius Aghahowa - Shakhtar [Great Signing]
Catanha - Celta
Kennedy Bakircioglu - Hammarby
Stefan Ishizaki - AIK
Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Ajax
Bovar Karim - Feyenoord
Mikael Antonsson - IFK Goteborg
Christian Hemberg - OIS
Kevin Hofland - PSV
Mikael Dorsin - Djurgarden
Cherno Samba - Millwall
Bojan Djordjic - Man Utd
Ibrahim Said - Al-Ahly
Assane N'Diaye - Shakhtar
Stefan Selakovic - Halmstad
Samuel Wowoah - Halmstad
Victor Hugo Ariztizabal - Free
Taribo West - Free
Mark Kerr - Falkirk
To Madiera - Gouveia
Andy Burgess - Rushden & Diamonds

Restart Game:
Sometimes you really wish you could restart the game from your last save and redo a match. The only way to do this is to press Alt+Tab to minimize the game. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and close the program. Repeat this and wait. Then when it says Champ Manager is not responding, restart and you can start from your last save.

Finding good players
Enter the "/cm0102/editor/" folder and run the cm0102ed.exe file to start the game editor. Use it to open your data file, which should be in the "/cm0102/data" folder. Use the filter to find any player who has ability over 180. These players are very good but usually are very expensive and famous. However, some of them are not -- for example, some players from South America. You can use filter to find any player with potential over 180. Some of them, especially the younger ones, are not expensive and will develop into very good players in a few years.

Scout report
Click on any player. Click on the "Action" button in the top right. Next, click on the "Set Nickname" option and enter one of the following names: Oliver Collyer
Paul Collyer
Paul Norman
Kevin Turner
Marc Duffy
Svein Kvernoey
Mark Woodger
Once entered, click "OK" then click "Action" again. Click on "Request Coach Report", select a coach, and press "Confirm". Read out the strange report that is given. Note: This works on both the demo and final version of the game.

Enrique Estebaranz
Enrique Estebaranz is a great player buy him at the start of the game because he has no club. His profile is not that good at the start but after a season or two he is the best player on cm 01/02. He scores 2 or 3 goals every match.
Here are a few great cheap and expensive players: Jaun Roman Riqueleme - Boca rated 5m-6m but you'll end up paying 20m he is worth he'll turn out better than Beckham
Bobby Zamora 1m he is brillant
Edwin Congo - Real Madrid 3m
Simone Inzaghi - Lazio 5m
Micheal Briges a great striker About 10-12m

Quality Player
Sign Predrag Djordjevic from Olympiakos for 1 million he is an attackin left midfield but scores at least 1 every 2 games and has more assists than any other player.

Become a National Team Manager
If you want to manage a national side, follow these instructions: 1. When starting a game or adding a manager, find a club that has a player whose nationality is the same as the team you want to manage. 2. When you find this player, click on the nationality in his profile (the nationality is found at the top of the screen). 3. This will lead you to a screen with the national team squad on it. simply click Take Control and you are in charge!

Get Any Player You Want
On the program file select editor and then go to squad click on clear at the bottom were the squad is then click on add and just type in all the players that you want, this will help you win many things like the league championship cup, it is a brilliant cheat and you are viruailly unbeatable if you select all the right players.

Get Extra Money and Some Good Players
Start a new Game and aswell as you put another Manager in maybe in charge of a team with loads of money and good players. Then You can sell some of your not so good players for loads of money and get theres for cheap then just make him resign and your off to a good start.

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