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If you've ended up on this page, then you are probably running Internet Explorer 6. In the past, we had a page here stressing the issues with IE6, but during that time it remained the dominant browser. Since then, Microsoft has released two major updates to IE, with a third one on the way. Alternatives such as Safari and Chrome have joined Firefox and Opera to provide better browsing experiences. Compatibility issues with modern browsers have all but gone away. There is now very little reason to still be using IE6.

As IE6 has gotten older and the alternatives have become more prevalent, with IE6 now making up a small amount of the web browser market share, we no longer do any testing of AAG in IE6, and make no guarantees as to whether it will work, and we're not the only ones moving in this direction. IE6 is, as of writing, 9 years old - when it came out, the web itself was only 9 years old. Having to support IE6 causes major problems when developing web sites, and many companies, such as Google, have been phasing out support.

Recommended Alternatives

We test our site in the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox. This is - in our opinion - your best choice. It's free, has many extensions ("plugins") avaialble for it, and is the main browser of most of the AAG team.
  • Opera. Opera's main advantage is its speed - it's a very fast browser. Its main weakness is its lack of extensibility; it cannot be extended to the same extent that Firefox can.
  • Google Chrome. A lightweight browser from Google.
  • Apple Safari. Using the same base as Google Chrome, Safari is Apple's web browser for Mac OSX and Windows.

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