A Fresh Coat of Paint

Posted by Matt Bailey

Finally, we bring you the new look allaboutgames.co.uk. We’ve been talking for a while about a redesign and we’ve finally brought the site more up to date with a refreshed look. Aside from the adjusted colours, we’ve also done a bit of tidy up with regards the sidebar, and made our Twitter and YouTube accounts more prominent as they play an increasingly important role in the site. The new coat of paint also introduces the new logo, which has been in use on parts of the site, and on our Twitter account, for some time.

This is, however, what the titles says – a fresh coat of paint – rather than a complete redesign. We know that modernisation of the site needs to go further, including deciding what features to introduce and what to remove. We have one of those redesigns in the planning stage, but we’re bringing you this refresh now because the old look had been with us for far too long.

You’ll have seen some of the changes come in before today, such as the change to the front page format and subsequently to its design, which have been parts of the plans for this new edition. You’ll also see some more changes we have planned coming along in the next month, including some new graphics and some further tidy up in certain areas.

So, we hope you like the new look allaboutgames.co.uk. Please let us know what you think via the usual methods Рemail and Twitter; we welcome compliments, complaints, suggestions, and, importantly, notifications of anything which breaks for you. And of course, we hope you continue to visit the website.

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