A Few Changes

Posted by Matt Bailey

There’s been a little bit of coding behind the scenes we thought you should be aware of.

Firstly you’ve probably already noticed that there’s now a “Podcasts” link at the top of all pages on the site. It replaces the “Board” link, making it a good demonstration of what we’ve been focussing on in recent months. Right now, the discussion board is still alive, and can be accessed via the link on the left side menu. The podcasts, meanwhile, are released fortnightly and deserve their place on the top menu. They also deserved a proper index which can now be reached by clicking via that link, or the “View All Podcasts” link on the front page.

We’ve also put in a slight enhancement to the “All Reviews”, “All Previews” and “All Cheats” pages (again, accessible via the links at the top and the links at the bottom of the front page). They will now show the latest reviews/previews/cheats so, for example, you can see what’s been reviewed recently after it rolls off the front page due to news items and podcasts, etc. It’s a minor addition, but we think it’s a useful feature we should have had a while ago.

There’s still a visual overhaul on the way, but these changes should mark some of the last additions before our overhaul later this year. We hope you like the changes and additions, and welcome comments below.

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