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aag at Gamescom 2010

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Last year we brought you a few previews, and a load of “Tweet previews” from Gamescom. This year we’re going all out on a dedicated section, and aim to bring you lots more hands-on previews straight from the event. So follow that section for a range of gamescom news and previews, but you’ll also get more from the show floor by following our Twitter feed. We’ll even put some videos on our YouTube channel too.

So we hope you enjoy the coverage, and stay tuned for lots more from Gamescom over the next few days.

Podcast to go live every other Sunday

Monday, August 9th, 2010

The podcast is now well established on the website, so from Episode 5 we’re moving fully to a regular schedule. Starting next Sunday, 15th August, you’ll be able to get a fortnightly dose of myself, Andy Daniel, Richard Pilot, and anyone who joins us.

The new regular schedule also brings a new regular editor. Andy is taking over from the rotating shifts as he becomes “Creative Editor” on the website, responsible for producing each podcast episode as well for the upcoming redesign.

As always, if you want to get on the podcast, contact us via Twitter or e-mail.

Podcast Delayed

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Just as we were getting into the stream of releasing podcasts on fortnightly Sundays we go and run into a technical issue. Episode 4 of the podcast has been delayed by a few days due to problems caused by someone managing to delete their part of the podcast. As you might imagine this is a bit of a issue for putting together our recordings and producing the final piece of work for you all to cherish. Ironically, it was the turn of this very person to edit the podcast this time…

In related news, a failed graphics card meant that my desktop, complete with the Skype-produced backup, is also out of action, adding to the fun – and also stopping me from playing StarCraft II. However, we hope to rebuild the pieces and deliver Episode 4 later this week.

Update: We recovered the Skype recording and produced Episode 4.

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