Three Red Lights of Fail

Posted by Matt Bailey

With all the talk on the interwebs of Xbox 360 failures (not that you should believe anything you read online…), I suppose it was inevitable really that my near-launch machine would ultimately fail. And it did so on Easter Sunday.

Tried booting up, and switching to the 360 input on my monitor, but it wasn’t happening. I rebooted the console, and got an output this time – only I got a lot of crackle on the display (which was showing the Dashboard), and a loud whining through the speakers. Another reboot gave the same issue. A further reboot after a few mins to cool down gave the famous ‘three red lights of death‘ – something I now get on every boot, even after leaving it disconnected for half a day.

The particularly interesting point is that it failed while playing Resistance: Fall of Man on the PlayStation 3, which has been sitting next to the 360, with the MS machine being booted up to demonstrate both Gears of War, and what it looked like in HD. Still, I guess sitting the rival consoles next to each other wasn’t the best of ideas… conspiracy theory, anyone?

Like Christmas, Easter isn’t a good time for things to fail, as bank holidays prevail, so I decided to pop off an e-mail to Microsoft that evening so they could reply as soon as possible. They have done, but other than directing me to that same webpage about the lights, they have given me numbers to call “for more help”. Thankfully I can call an 0800 number, and hopefully I’ll soon be sending my machine off for repair… just a pity it’s over 2 months out of warranty (so it’s going to cost me).

Stay tuned to this blog for exciting further progress!

2 Responses to “Three Red Lights of Fail”

  1. Dave Wickham Says:

    For some reason, the title to this entry prompted me to create the following image: Three Red Lights of Fail. I release my masterpiece into the public domain. My source image was . That is all.

  2. Bill Smith Says:

    Microsoft have lots of encouraging information about fixing the “Three Red Lights of Fail” problem on the xBox website. Only problem is, their “contact us” email page doesn’t work and their phone bureau says “sorry our system is down, please call back in an hour” when you call them. If you do eventually manage to get someone to deal with the problem they say they’ve arranged collection, but then no one turns up to collect the xbox.

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