Synergy is great

Posted by Dave Wickham

No, I’ve not suddenly started a marketing course, I’m referring to the application called Synergy. The concept is simple, yet so very useful – it lets you share a single keyboard and mouse pair between two networked PCs (note: I consider Macs and various other systems to be Personal Computers – I don’t mean “x86 machine running Windows” here), without requiring the use of any specialist hardware like a KVM. Essentially, it makes the two machines appear to be just one machine with two displays; to give the keyboard and mouse to the other PC, you just move the pointer offscreen in the direction of the other PC’s screen, and as if by magic it moves on to there.

I’m currently using Synergy to play GalCiv 2 on my laptop (booted into Windows), using my desktop’s (booted into Linux, as always) keyboard and mouse, with the audio output from my laptop connected up to my desktop’s sound card’s input. Fun times. Now to see what other games play nicely with Synergy…

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