Looking for a suitable TV card…

Posted by Dave Wickham

I’m possibly in the market for a new PCI TV card (and no, TV licensing people, I don’t currently have a TV or TV card), and was wondering if I could get some suggestions. There are three main things I’d want it to be/do:

  1. Be compatible with Linux. This is extremely important. No Linux = no purchase. I don’t mind mucking around with beta drivers, or stable drivers that aren’t included by default, but there has to be a decent level of support available.
  2. Be suitable for playing console games on. This probably means composite video in, and is possibly one of the more difficult requirements, since I can see cards introducing delay into the displaying of images.
  3. I’d probably want the card to do DVB-T (or Freeview, to give the UK brand name, for want of a better phrase).

Oh, and the other requirement is that it can’t cost too much. Yes, I’m severely limiting my options here, I can see, but you never know – someone might actually have a suggestion!

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