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IE7 has been released, finally!

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Well, today it was announced that IE7 has been released. Hooray! You may perhaps have noticed that here at AAG, we’re not what you might call the world’s greatest fans of IE6. Which is a bit of an understatement. However, IE7 is quite a major improvement over IE6 (as I noted back in June), even if it’s not as good as things like KHTML, Opera, and Gecko (the engine behind Firefox). Saying that, though, I’ve not yet been able to install the release version of IE7 on my (legit) copy of XP in VMware, so I don’t know how improved the release is over the release candidate that I tried.

Now I can’t wait for legit XP users to semi-automatically upgrade to IE7, slowly eroding the huge mass of IE6 users out there, who are browsing the Web with their outdated 5 year old HTML rendering engine, causing massive frustration to web developers everywhere.

Some…interesting spam

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Recently I’ve found myself getting quite a bit of spam apparently advertising a stock called “ARSS”. Whilst that by itself is humourous to those like me who are the possessors of childish minds, what really lodges an interesting image in my mind is the phrase used in the promotion: “Get ARSS First Thing Monday , This Is Going To Explode!!!”. I’m sorry, but anyone who doesn’t laugh, at least internally, at the mental image of someone warning you that an arse is going to explode has got to have something wrong with them.

Or perhaps they’re just more mature than me.

Looking for a suitable TV card…

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

I’m possibly in the market for a new PCI TV card (and no, TV licensing people, I don’t currently have a TV or TV card), and was wondering if I could get some suggestions. There are three main things I’d want it to be/do:

  1. Be compatible with Linux. This is extremely important. No Linux = no purchase. I don’t mind mucking around with beta drivers, or stable drivers that aren’t included by default, but there has to be a decent level of support available.
  2. Be suitable for playing console games on. This probably means composite video in, and is possibly one of the more difficult requirements, since I can see cards introducing delay into the displaying of images.
  3. I’d probably want the card to do DVB-T (or Freeview, to give the UK brand name, for want of a better phrase).

Oh, and the other requirement is that it can’t cost too much. Yes, I’m severely limiting my options here, I can see, but you never know – someone might actually have a suggestion!

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