Saint’s Row mobile fun

Posted by Matt Bailey

We’re not known for our mobile games reviews (notice our tally of 0 in our reviews database), but we thought we’d start to expand into this increasingly popular platform by taking up an offer to review the Saint’s Row mobile game. After all, it could tie-in to our (currently non-existant, and not planned) coverage of the Xbox 360 title…

Anyway, upon loading the game, a major issue has arisen: I can’t get past the main menu. My 6680 is listed as a compatible device, yet memory issues seem to be hampering my ability to actually get into the game. This is a phone that can do all manner of multi-tasking smartphone stuff, including playing Lumines Mobile while checking text messages, etc. However, Saint’s Row will just not run on it, no matter how many times I reboot the device.

So, any ideas, or will our plans for dominance of the mobile games review sector have to be put on ice?

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