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Charts Change, Driver Difficulties (Alliteration Affliction?)

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

As of yesterday’s charts, we’ve switched from the “Full Price” charts over to the “All Prices” charts. Why? Because of games like Liberty City Stories on PS2, and Brain Training. Hopefully this should mean that our charts now give a more accurate view of game sales.

In other minor news, I got a bit of a blast from the past when my new Super (Happy Fun Mega) Joy Box 13 GameCube to USB adaptor arrived yesterday; whilst it’s identified and supported in both Linux and Windows as a standard USB gamepad, to use some of the more advanced features (such as rumble) in Windows it needs a driver. This driver is shipped on a floppy disk. Since it’s probably been a long time since you’ve had to look at one, let me refresh your memory:

GameCube to USB driver disk. Oh yes.

I had a hard time just finding a working floppy drive.

(I don’t get any commission from Console Plus, they’ve just been useful in terms of stocking less mainstream items such as GBA screwdrivers and extension cables for old consoles like the N64.)

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