Mmm, product placement

Posted by Dave Wickham

Today an e-mail from EA landed in my inbox, announcing a partnership between themselves and Jeep in the forthcoming title Medal of Honor Airborne. Now, I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of excessive product placement, especially when it’s blindingly out of place, but what never ceases to amaze/amuse me (delete as appropriate) is the way in which press releases spin it. Some choice quotes from the press release:

“Authentic to their use in WWII, the Willys Jeep will be able to access more areas than the other drivable vehicles featured in Medal of Honor Airborne, because of Jeep vehicle’s superior four-wheel drive off-road capabilities.”

No, it’ll be able to access more areas because they have a partnership with Jeep, thus replacing the generic vehicle which would’ve been in place before.

“By teaming with Electronic Arts and Medal of Honor Airborne, Jeep is celebrating its history while helping to take this medium to its next level.”

Apparently a sponsorship deal now counts as taking video games to the next level. Who knew?

“This is the first time in any Medal of Honor game that a player will have the ability to drive a Willys Jeep, and we’re very excited to see this new addition increase the fun and intensity of the gameplay.”

Well, I certainly know that I find driving a branded vehicle in-game as a plot element to be far more intense and fun than driving a generic one.

Still, at least I suppose this particular piece of branding fits in with the game itself.

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