Forum Progress Update

Posted by Dave Wickham

Just thought I’d post an update on the status of the forums. I’ve now fixed the main issue that I was running into, and so hopefully not much will stall me from now until whenever we launch; I believe it’s simply a case of some extremely tedious code replacement from now on. I’ve done a few hours of this today, and this status update is as I finish for the night.

Once the forum code is all replaced, all that needs to be done is to sort out the new theme so that it doesn’t fall apart on lower resolutions, so hopefully we’re talking fairly soon. And I don’t mean that as in “8 months” (sorry about that).

If I’ve made any typos here, blame tiredness. Staring at my own crappy several year old HTML tends to do that to me.

2 Responses to “Forum Progress Update”

  1. Matt Bailey Says:

    Surely it’s not worse than the old v3.0 HTML that was mainly mine and Daz’s? 🙂 Or my v1 or v2 code (but we won’t go into that..)

  2. Dave Wickham Says:

    At least V3 was completely replaced with new code. That’s somewhat difficult to do with a hacked together version of an old version of UBB which you can’t get any more 😛 .

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