What I Want from PES3

By Steve Pringle (freelance)

So Winning Eleven 7 is out in Japan, the first screenshots of Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (its European cousin most of you are probably more familiar with) have been issued and the game is imminent. Forgive me for being politically incorrect, but I believe we in the "Home of Football" are entitled to expect a little bit more from the, almost universally acclaimed, most realistic football simulation.

Free Kicks
For a start, KCE Tokyo needs to sort the free kicks out. While the intricate and, once mastered, immensely satisfying shooting system is unparalleled, Konami need to realise that not every free kick within 30 yard is given as direct. It may have seemed like a good idea (no fuss, no confusion) but it eliminates the ability to recreate those oh-so-cool (when pulled off) and oh-so-feeble (when hashed) set piece routines. This should be included as an option, at worst, and, at best, a complicated set piece editor for more advanced players.

Secondly, they need to look at throw-ins. In professional football, nearly 50% of throw-ins are returned first time to the thrower, as it is they who possess the most space. This is near impossible to do on PES2 without looking like an amateur and hoofing the ball out of play. Sort it.

I am sure we also want the referee to be able to give more than 2 red cards to either team. Cynical players have exploited the inability of the ref to dismiss more than 2 players with ridiculous professional fouls that go totally unpunished bar the free kick from 40 yards.

Finally, let's bury EA Sports' FIFA series once and for all. Konami, push the boat out and get a decent licence. I am sure it would more than pay for itself with the legions of indoctrinated corporation whores who would buy it, provided it has Beck's latest boots (I suddenly feel so dirty).

In conclusion, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is only a few realistic details short of crucifying FIFA and the legions of pretenders. Online play may be all well and good, but if PES3 perfects the core gameplay, nothing will have a chance of touching it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is due out in November from Konami. The review of the full game can here seen here.

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