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F1 2013 revealed, to also feature classic drivers, cars and tracks 16th July 2013
UK Charts: Nintendo's 3DS success continues, but Last of Us is unstoppable 16th July 2013
DLC Digest: Toki Tori 2+, Kokuga, Wii U Virtual Console 13th July 2013
Steam summer sale begins, lots of trading cards appear 12th July 2013
Dota 2 finally leaves beta, on the way to Mac and Linux 10th July 2013
UK Charts: Terrible game enters Top 40, but Last of Us unstoppable 8th July 2013
DLC Digest: GT Academy brings GT6 demo, Walking Dead 400 Days, Trackmania 2 Valley, Total Recoil, Capsized, Pilotwings 7th July 2013
Xbox boss leaves Microsoft, becomes Zynga CEO 4th July 2013
UK Charts: Four new entries in Top 10, but Last of Us holds steady 1st July 2013
DLC Digest: Hotline Miami, Magic 2014, Mighty Switch Force! 2, Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina, Doodle Jump Kinect, Gun Monkeys, Rogue Legacy 30th June 2013
New PS3 firmware fixes issues with previous withdrawn update 28th June 2013
UK Charts: Last of Us still first, but bargains boost competition 25th June 2013
Xbox One Eighty: Microsoft reverses used game, internet requirement and region locking policies 20th June 2013
New PS3 firmware withdrawn after some consoles run into serious issues 20th June 2013
StreetPass update goes live, brings new games to buy, crashes your 3DS 19th June 2013
E3: Updated Xbox 360 model announced, should be available right now 17th June 2013
E3: World in Conflict creators surprise with Tom Clancy's The Division at Ubisoft conference 14th June 2013
E3: Sony reveal PS4 design and price, announce support for used games, no Internet requirement 11th June 2013
Publishers will have control over used game sales on Xbox One as Microsoft confirm a range of policies 9th June 2013
Charts Update: GRID 2 claims pole position, Fuse fails to ignite 5th June 2013
DLC Digest: CastleStorm, The Denpa Men 2, SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition, Game Boy Colour Zelda, Rotating Octopus Character, Rising Storm 2nd June 2013
SEGA debuts Sonic Lost World gameplay trailer 29th May 2013
New Humble Indie Bundle features Thomas Was Alone, Hotline Miami and Awesomenauts, brings more games to Linux 29th May 2013
Next-generation Xbox revealed: Xbox One widens focus in aim to become the single box for your living room 27th May 2013
UK Retail Charts: Little life in the charts as Dead Island Riptide leads again 10th May 2013
DLC Digest: Virtual Console expands, FarCry 3 Blood Dragon, FEZ, Strike Suit Infinity 8th May 2013
UK Retail Charts: New entries dominate Top 10, zombies in charge with new No 1 3rd May 2013
Wii U update goes live, improves loading times, brings Virtual Console 2nd May 2013
UK Retail Charts: Justice for Injustice, DC Comics fighting game goes top 23rd April 2013
Charts Update: No shock as Infinite shrugs off Defiance 9th April 2013
DLC Digest: Toki Tori 2, Cities in Motion 2, Battleblock Theater, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories 8th April 2013
Disney closes LucasArts, ending 30 years of games development at Lucasfilm 4th April 2013
Dishonored wins Best Game, Journey wins 5 awards at Video Game BAFTAs 4th April 2013
Sony announce PlayStation 4, demo new social features 4th April 2013
DLC Digest: Tank! Tank! Tank! goes free-to-play, Castlevania, Rocketbirds, Impire 4th April 2013
Rayman Legends goes multiplatform, delayed until September 4th April 2013
DLC Triple Digest: The Cave, Skulls of the Shogun, Antichamber, Dokuro, Strike Suit Zero, Dungeonland, a few demos and more 4th April 2013
THQ closes, Koch Media and others snap up studios and IP in auction 4th April 2013
DLC Digest: Orgarhythm, Retro City Rampage, Tokyo Crash Mobs, Baldur's Gate, Borderlands 2 DLC 4th April 2013
Trials finally returns to PC with Evolution Gold Edition 4th April 2013
UK Charts: Anarchy Reigns, but charts are quiet 4th April 2013
DLC Digest: Thanksgiving Digital Sales, Planetside 2, The Walking Dead final episode, Sine Mora, Chronovolt, DOOM Classic 26th November 2012
PS Plus arrives on Vita alongside update that brings e-mail, browser updates and more 22nd November 2012
UK Charts: CODBLOPS returns to the top, but sales down on last outing 19th November 2012
DLC Digest: Fallblox, Ninja Gaiden, Magical Whip, Thomas Was Alone, Portal 2: In Motion, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed demos 18th November 2012
PS3 and Xbox 360 both ship 70 million consoles worldwide 17th November 2012
UK Charts: Master Chief returns dominant, but as not as much as before 13th November 2012
DLC Digest: Karateka, Dyad, When Vikings Attack, ToeJam & Earl, Shock Troopers, F1 Race Stars and Epic Mickey 2 demos 12th November 2012
UK Charts: New Assassin's swoops in, fends off football, cars, and wrestlers 5th November 2012
DLC Digest: Natural Selection 2, Okami, pid, Monster Shooter 4th November 2012

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